Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Miami 2009

I covered Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami's South Beach back in July, but thought I'd share some insight and images with you. I honestly had photographed fashion shows in Europe back when all cameras used film. But this was a different breed of photographers. You had to be tough, hold your ground, push, elbow and yell at anyone who attemped to prevent you from getting your "precious" which was good pictures. I barely made a dime off this entire venture, but learned a lot. I'd do it again.

Next year I'll be ready with my "mini-ladder", fast 200-400 f2.8 lens and color meter. I've posted a few images from the event. Hey if you know about any fashion shows...I'll photograph them for you. If you're a model and want some TFCD work done, let's talk. -James


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