Friday, September 25, 2009

Successful TFCD & Things are Rolling Along

Hello...I think I've set a record this week for blogging...three times in one week, woo-hoo! But if anyone is actually paying attention to this blog, I still own the scale. (In my best Brooklyn New York accent) "So anywayz, U see, its like dis": I took pictures of a model called Victoria Marie 33 [who is 48 by the way]. And while she's not the normal 22-25 year old her pictures came out great, if I say so myself. I'll post them after the end of this blog-->so no peeking (LOL).

Things are rolling along...slowly, but rolling. I have three events lined up for October, a bunch of soccer teams tomorrow and one more TFCD for sunday. And that's it, no more TFCD unless her name is say "Beverly Johnson" or "Tyra Banks" okay okay...let's throw in Oprah for good luck. Nothing else really to report except based on the results of my images, I'm extremely happy with the decision to buy more lenses.

There was a dude [on Craig's List] with a 300mm 2.8, which I was so-so tempted to buy, but my "better judgement" kicked-in or prevailed and I decided to pass on the glass. So new goals for October are find a full-time IT gig. Find a nightclub where I can setup and take pictures weekly and start looking for some old empty abandoned warehouse in or around Miami or South Beach to convert into a photo studio. Wish me luck...woo-hoo! ciao

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