Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vogue Magazine: African Edition! I wanted to see two things. One if my work would look good enough to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine and two, if I could design a fake cover from scratch and have it look at least 90% legit. Well its hard to judge your own work and be objective, so eventually I might get some feedback on this. the picture to get a better view!

ciao James

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy Past Few Days

Its been a busy past few days. I've photographed a wedding, scarves from India, a high school 30-year reunion and a Latin Sweet 15 party. I realized you have to wear a lot of hats in today's economy and being well-rounded in photography.

Recently...I have discovered that photography is a business. What I mean is most photographers with their big egos intact feel like if they are doing the best job possible and creating images their clients want and need, everything else fails in place, but this is simply not true.

Other photographers think there is some connection between how expensive and fancy their cameras are and how much they can charge clients or they simply think clients will flock to them because they use impressive looking cameras...again not true.

"Any good modern lens is corrected for maximum definition at the larger stops. Using a small stop only increases depth..." Ansel Adams, June 3, 1937

Even more so I have been turning my efforts towards advertising and marketing in an attempt to allow me to gain more clients and thereby deliver more excellent service. The realization has hit me that quite often, its NOT the most technical or artsy photographer who gets the jobs, but the most resourceful and smart in marketing and self-promotion.

As far as Photo-gear...oddly, professional cameras are more often owned by professionals like physicians, CPAs, engineers and lawyers than they are by photographers. Professional photographers don't spend money if they don't have to - it's a business. Photography is not a profession, although many photographers behave professionally.

So in the next coming weeks I'm focusing on the business side and getting more general and specialized clients. From weddings to wedding designers and from scarves made in India to models from India to showcase them. ciao!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Strange Day - Strange Lessons

Well today started out pretty normal, but by tonight's end it made me realize you have to be determined and extremely focused to make it in any business or profession...especially photography. I won't go into any details as to what happened, but I'll simply say...most photographers have big egos and if they think you're invading their turf...they will attack. Enough said.
So now it made me think of something I'd either read or heard somewhere. The title is: "The story about the Bird, the Cow, and the Cat" and it goes like this:

A bird was flying south for the winter. Cold and hungry, the bird found refuge in a barn on a farm. His wings were nearly frozen stiff with icicles. The bird thought to himself, “I am dead for sure.”

A cow in the barn came by, sniffed around and unloaded a big, stinky pile of cowpie on top of the bird. The bird was drowning in cow caca and thought to himself, “I am dead. I am dead.”
Although the cowpie stank, it was warm and helped thaw the bird, bringing much needed warmth. The bird struggled a bit and managed to poke out his beak to breath. The bird thought to himself, “Yes, yes, I am alive! I’ll be okay!”

The bird was so happy, it began to sing. A cat in the barn heard the singing and came over to investigate. The cat discovered the bird within the cowpie, dug the bird out, washed him and ate him.

Moral of the story:
Not everyone who craps on you is your enemy.
Not everyone who gets you out of crap is your friend.
If you are warm and happy and covered in crap, don’t sing about it.
Finally I've posted some pictures which I wanted to do something art-like with them. I like to people-watch and observe and reflect back in images and words. ciao James

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Miami 2009

I covered Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami's South Beach back in July, but thought I'd share some insight and images with you. I honestly had photographed fashion shows in Europe back when all cameras used film. But this was a different breed of photographers. You had to be tough, hold your ground, push, elbow and yell at anyone who attemped to prevent you from getting your "precious" which was good pictures. I barely made a dime off this entire venture, but learned a lot. I'd do it again.

Next year I'll be ready with my "mini-ladder", fast 200-400 f2.8 lens and color meter. I've posted a few images from the event. Hey if you know about any fashion shows...I'll photograph them for you. If you're a model and want some TFCD work done, let's talk. -James

The King is Gone!

I suppose I am late with the Michael Jackson tribute, but that's not why I'm writing this. I felt more so when he died it was a wake up call to me to get off my azz and get my "stuff" together regarding health, relationships, career, photography and life in general. So I'm starting my blog finally. I still have to make Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn and several other web-page accounts. If you're reading this...thanks for stopping by.

Yesterday...I did a CD cover shoot for Nikki Maoz...very nice person. I should have kept more control over my images, but you learn by your mistakes...uhmmm, right? I love the quote by Maya Angelou: "We did then what we knew how to do, but now that we know better we can do better." So I'll post one of my sample cover ideas.